401(k) Employee Retirement Plans 

Great advantages for both you and your employees.

It’s not easy for your employees to achieve financial well being in today’s world.  That’s why surveys consistently show that next to health benefits, employee retirement plans are the most effective benefits an employer can offer to attract, build and retain a happy, productive workforce.

Employee advantages

  • Convenient way to save through automatic payroll deductions.

  • Contributions are pretaxed, lowering taxes and maximizing contributions.

  • Many 401(k)s allow borrowing savings for life’s special events and purchases, such as a house, education or medical expenses, or hardship withdrawals.

Employer advantages

  • Employers can match contributions, further enhancing the benefits.

  • Contributions made by employers are tax-deductible to the employer, therefore also lowering taxes for employers.
  • Many 401(k)s allow owners to also save for their own retirement.

Types of 401(k) Plans we will assist you in setting up and mainting:

  • Traditional 401k
  • Safe Habor 401k
  • Profit Sharing 401k
  • Roth 401k

How 401(k) Plans work:

  • The employee determines a set amount to have set aside into his or her 401(k) account.
  • The employer usually offers a variety of different investment options (stocks, bonds, money market investments, or a mix of these), in which the employee will choose from to fund the account.
  • While there are annual contribution limits, the employer may choose to match a portion of the employee’s contribution.



DBV Insurance Services will take care of the hard part for you!  We’ll help simplify the process of setting up a 401(k) plan and continue through with follow-up service, compliance and other functions and requirements associated with your retirement benefit plan.